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Remembering and honoring the fallen

Tea American Legion Blau-DeBoer Post 266 held their annual Memorial Day Services on Monday, May 29 at the Tea American Legion.

Noelle Bonjour provided the homily for the program.

Services continued at the Tea Cemetery (pictured above) with the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts raising the flag (pictured at right). A performance of Taps concluded the program.

During last year’s Memorial Day Service, a groundbreaking was held of the Tea Veterans Memorial at the corner of Main Avenue and Third Street. A total of 159 pavers have been sold for the Memorial, with room for 288. Shipping delays have held up the ordered pavers but the committee just got word that the pavers are on their way. Engraving will begin once they arrived.

A paver dedication ceremony will be planned when all pavers are engraved and placed.

The following are the current honored Veterans: Delwyn D. Anderson — Coast Guard, Randy J. Anderson — Navy, Stephen J. Anderson — Army, Steven L. Anderson — Navy and Air National Guard, Kaye L. Anderson-Marfel — Army, Brad J. Atkins — Marines, Jerry M. Baatz — Army, Christopher S. Bahrij — Air Force, James J. Bauer — Army, Andrew Bethke — Army, Francis Dale Beuckens — Army, Joel Blasius — Army National Guard, Susan Blasius — Air National Guard, Tami Blasius — Army and Air National Guard, Justin D. Boggs — Army, Larry William Boots — Army, Linda D. Branson Smith — Air Force, Ehme Brass Jr — Air Force, Ronald D. Brooks — Air Force, Robert L. Brune — Army, Jeff Cain — Army, D. Michael Callaghan — Navy, Daniel M. Callaghan — Navy, Dennis C. Callaghan — Navy, Dwight D. Case — Air Force, Casey R. Cheney — Army, Clayton R. Cheney — Army, Raymond A. Cheney — Army, Ernest L. Cressman — Navy, Roger P. Crozat — Air Force, Lewis ‘Louie’ Daggett — Army, Leo Dannen — Army National Guard, Ryan Lee Dannen — Army, Daniel Franklin DeBoer — Army, John Ralph DeBoer — Navy, Bennett J. DeJong — Army, James R. DeLong — Army, Marvin J. DeLong — Air Force, Walter G. Deutsch — Air Force, Richard DeYoung — Air Force, Colby W. Edwards — Air Force, Henry Eimers — Army, Jeramie Eimers — Army National Guard and Air National Guard, Wallace Eimers — Army, Matthew D. Ernster — Army, Norbert L. Ernster — Army, Dennis Lee Fowlds — Navy, Stanley G. Fowler Sr. — Navy, Scott Ganschow — Marines, Steve Ganschow — Army, Larry Goeden — Navy, Greg Grode — Army, Rodney A. Guthmiller — Army, Dane Hackett — Marines, Henry Carl Hagemeyer — Army, Orville L. Haines — Army, Richard M. Hall — Air Force. Brad J. Haugen — Army and Army National Guard, Burnell M. Haugen — Army, Craig A. Haugen — Navy, Floyd M. Haugen — Army, Obed GI Haugen — Army, Rick L. Haugen — Army National Guard, Lester William Heeren — Army, Willem Heeren — Army, Glen Henderson — Army, Gary E. Hoff — Army, Jerald J. Hoff — Air Force, Richard A. Hoff — Navy, Bernard V. Hoffman — Army, Robert Alen Hoffman — Navy, Richard O. Holland — Air Force, Milan “Mike” Hostetler — Army, Lloyd Ihnen — Navy, James D. Jewett — Navy, Robert A. Kippes — Army, Jason Kleinschmit — Army and Air National Guard, Matthew Kleinschmit — Army National Guard, Roger H. Klinghagen — Army, Sean Kooistra — Marines, Garrett Krupski — Army, Jerry Larsen — Army, Loren L. Leemkuil — Air Force, Dennis A. Lundstrom — Army, Albert Eldon Magnuson — Army, Calvin Henry Mechels — Army, Clifford Allen Mechels — Navy, Michael T. Mehlbrech — Army National Guard, Scott D. Meyer — Air Force, Andrew F. Meyers — Air National Guard, Richard W. Mielke — Navy, Rodney R. Mikkelson — Army, Paul Miller — Army, Thomas R. Miller — Army, Larry Morehead — Air National Guard, Charles A. Muhlenkort — Navy, Verlyn G. Muller — Air Force, Bonnie Mullinix — Army, Zachariah Nankivel — Navy, Mickey J. Nesseim — Navy, Robert L. Nesseim — Navy, Jason A. Oldenkamp — Marines, Jeffrey Ollerich — Air Force, Joel Ollerich — Army, Alden “Bud” Otten — Air Force, Darrel Otten — Army, Darwin Otten — Army, Ehno Otten — Army, Herman Dean Otten — Army, Heather L. Paetow — Navy, Lawrence “Pete” F. Peterson — Navy, Gerald J. Podhradsky — Army, Harold Podhradsky — Army, Joseph Podhradsky — Army, Richard C. Poppenga — Air Force, Ronald L. Poppens — Marines, Leonard Przybys — Navy, Laurence E. Radlinger — Air National Guard, Charles Radloff — Army, Harry Reshetar — Army, McKensie M. Rieck — Navy. John Roe — Air Force, Andrew Joseph Ross — Army, Carl “Sam” Sampson — Marines, Arnold R. Schoffelman — Army, Delmer E. Schriever — Army, Daniel Schultis — Navy, Curtis R. Slykhuis — Army, Troy Terrence Smith — Air Force, William Earl Smith — Army, Patrick Alan Staples — Navy, Everett Junior Swensen — Marines, Herbert Tammen — Army, Tony E. Taylor — Army, Michael Q. Teague — Army, Darrell Lee Timmerman — Army, Gary Lee Timmerman — Navy, Darrell J. Tunender — Air Force, Terry N. Tunender — Air Force, Thomas J. Urban — Army, Merwin Van Beek — Air Force, Alvin Van Riesen — Army, Harold Wallenstein — Army, Richard Wallenstein — Army, Jim D. Weinkauf — Navy, Cletus D. Weis, Daniel M. Weis, and Jerome B. Weis — Army and Air Force, Orland E. Weis — Army, Romane P. Weis — Army, Darel L. Wetering — Army, Delmer L. Wetering — Navy, Duane L. Wetering — Army, Donovan L. Wilts — Air Force, Robert W. Wilts — Army, Wilfred J. Wilts — Air Force, Todd J. Wolthuis — Marines, and Harold W. Zang — Army.


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