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Remodeling During Covid-19: One local contractor’s experience

When one thinks about Covid-19 they might think of things slowing down or stopping all together. That isn’t the case for one local contractor.

Nick Benson, of Benson Remodeling LLC, has seen an increase in business during Covid-19.

Benson has been working in construction for 16 years and owned his own company for the last six of those years. Even though his business is busier than ever, Covid-19 has presented some challenges.

According to Benson, it has been difficult to find supplies for some jobs.

He said some of the most difficult to find supplies in the past several months have been decking, plywood and garage doors. Once they do find the supplies, they are sometimes waiting weeks for the supplies to arrive.

Along with having to wait for supplies to come in, Benson has noted that the cost of those supplies has gone up. Some supplies have doubled or tripled the normal amount. For example, when Benson went to buy trusses for his own home that he is building, he ending up paying triple what he normally would have paid.

While Covid-19 has had an impact on the way in which Benson and his employee get their supplies, there are several things that have remained the same.

The types of remodeling that are most popular have continued throughout the pandemic, these projects include flooring and kitchens. Benson and his employee Nikolas Servis, are currently laying new flooring in a house they are remodeling now. The flooring he has been busy with ranges from laminate to hardwood floors.

Along with the types of jobs remaining steady, they also have noticed that during most projects their list of items to remodel grows in each house after they begin. What might start out as changing the type of flooring in one room, can quickly turn into redoing the rest of that level of the home’s flooring.

One last thing that hasn’t changed is Benson’s love of being a contractor and remodeling homes. He says that is because of all the people he gets to meet and talk with. Even during a pandemic he enjoys getting to know each of his clients during the remodeling process. And that is something that Covid-19 can’t take away from the small business owner.


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