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School District offers unique classes for students

High school students in Tea not only have the chance to take the standard courses in math and English but now they can choose to add welding/manufacturing and construction to their list of options.

Assistant principal David Preheim said that after student surveys of what kinds of classes the students would be interest in taking, Tea Area High School decided to start researching what it would take to add welding, manufacturing and construction classes to their list.

The school has done their research and applied for grants to help offset some of the costs associated with building a new program. The largest part of the program was building a new shop on the north side of the school grounds. This building was possible due to a workforce grant through the state of South Dakota. Along with the grant received, the school has built partnerships with local businesses throughout the community who have donated time and materials to help the students have the proper space and tools to learn the necessary skills to continue into these fields long after high school.

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