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Sherwin Williams Commercial Painting among new businesses to come to Tea

Recently Tea, South Dakota added a paint store to its long list of new businesses making the move to the community. The new paint store is Sherwin Williams. This Sherwin Williams isn’t the one many of us think of when we think of the chain of paint stores. The Tea location is a commercial Sherwin Williams.

According to store employee Emma Colby, they cater to contractors.

“We love our contractors,” stated Colby.

Since opening in August, Sherwin Williams has been able to offer their contractors different products including, but not limited to, bulk paint and floor coatings. Besides the products they have, they are striving to provide the best for their contractors and acquire new products.

The newest product that Sherwin Williams is hoping to be able to offer to their contractors in the near future is roof coating.

Despite the store opening in August during a pandemic, Colby said that it hasn’t impacted the way in which the store has been able to do business. The store does not have a lot of foot traffic, which helps keep business continuing as normal. Many of their orders are over the phone and then either picked up outside or delivered directly to the contractor. The store does clean the lobby every two hours even though most business is not conducted there.

Sherwin Williams is open Monday through Saturday and is ready to serve any local contractor. Simply call them and one of their helpful employees will be happy to assist you with your commercial order.


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