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Tea Area High School Marching Band excels with a string of impressive performances

The Tea Area High School marching band made waves in the world of competitive marching this season, racking up an impressive list of achievements over the course of their recent performances. Under the direction of Stephanie Wranek, the band consistently delivered outstanding results.

During the season, the Titan Marching Band secured two remarkable second-place finishes, once at Parker and once at Arlington. The competition was fierce, with Sioux Falls Christian providing stiff competition at each of the competitions.

The band’s winning streak commenced with a burst of momentum, as they clinched five consecutive first-place finishes. Their victories were celebrated at Beresford, Luverne, Menno, the Festival of Bands, and the March to the Meridian event in Yankton.

These victories underscore the band’s commitment to excellence and their ability to consistently impress judges and audiences alike.

Additionally, the Tea Area High School marching band has been recognized for their excellence in various sections. They earned two outstanding winds awards, two outstanding percussion awards, and three outstanding colorguard awards.

Notably, the band received the prestigious Sweepstakes Parade award at both Yankton and Menno, an accomplishment that reflects their ability to captivate audiences with their parade performances. In addition, the band’s exceptional showing at the Festival of Bands parade earned them the title of the top-scoring competing band, marking a standout achievement.

Adding to their accolades, the Tea Area High School marching band made their mark in the field show competition.

Director Stephanie Wranek expressed her pride in the band’s accomplishments, stating, “Along with all of these awards, we successfully learned our first field show and entered it into our very first field competition in Yankton. We got third in our class and finished 6th out of the seven bands competing in all classes.”

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