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Tea Area High School students named Champions of Characters

On April 13th, the Tea Area High School Champions of Character/Champions on Track got to spend the morning with the students at Venture Elementary.

These five seniors, Lydia Decker, Jillian Huenink, Maddix Slykhuis, Hunter Wilson, and Jessica Nelson, shared a message about belonging and friendship. They said one of the most important parts of a strong friendship is trust. You should do things in a way so your friends can trust you. Having a good friend group you belong to is important for all of us. It’s the people we can rely on when we have a tough day, and someone who will listen to you when it need to just talk. That also applies to how we respect and treat those same friends. Can they rely on us? Am I a good listener?

The seniors talked about their memories of being left out when they were younger, and how much that hurt. But it also helped them understand how important it is to include everyone, especially when you are in school. They encouraged the young students to build a good friend group they can belong to. And then, the Champions stressed how they have the power to bring other people into that group. Invest some time to get to know other people. You may be amazed at what you learn. To make this happen, you have to be ready to take a bold step and get outside your own comfort zone. That’s not always easy, but it will help you grow as a person and will help you develop your good character.

They raised a question: On our organizations or teams, how do we make sure everyone is included? Don’t judge them too quickly. Be a leader, and be a friend. Get to know everyone on your team, Teamwork is working together with everyone. The same holds true for the classroom. Be a good listener. Be a good partner. Be a great example for others. You are the one who can make a difference every day.


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