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Tea High School’s construction class completes house build

A few weeks ago, Tea High School students had a chance to see their hard work pay off, when the completed 2000 square foot ranch house left the high school bound for it’s permanent location in Madison.

The home was built by students right here at the Tea Area high School. There were seven students involved in the construction class, under the direction of Tea Area School District teacher Adam Larson.

This was the first year that Tea Area has offered the construction class.

Along with the teacher, multiple organizations assisted with the program — the Home Builders Association, as well as, Builders First Source.

Although Larson teaches social studies for three periods during the school day, he also owns his own construction business. He worked closely with Builders First Source on the home building project as Builders First Source is supplying all the materials for the project. Larson and the students were the ones who put it all together though.

Assistant principal David Preheim stated that the school was fortunate to work with Builders First Source because it allows the school to not have the overhead of the cost of the materials or the risk associated with purchasing all the materials needed and then waiting to sell the house.

The program also worked closely with Southeast Technical College. The coursework was developed with their assistance. Preheim stated that both schools are working towards developing a stronger program in the future in hopes that the students will be able to graduate from these type of classes with a certificate.

The construction class is planned for next year.

The finishing touches will be put on the home when it gets to its final destination, such as the inside cabinets and flooring, brick work, outdoor electrical, the basement and the attached garage.


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