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Tea Police Department receives TACF grant

Each year the Tea Area Community Foundation (TACF) provides grants for local organizations. Local Chief of Police Jessica Quigley utilizes these grants each year. Quigley receives the local grant application and then assesses the current needs and projects of the Tea Police Department.

This year Quigley applied for two grants and was awarded both of them.

The first was to fund Digital Radio Enhancements. This project was a subset from last year’s grant project where TACF awarded the department the ability to acquire new portable radios. This year the department was able to reprogram the new radios, so they work interchangeably with all patrol car extenders. The department was also able to get their own frequency so there are no communication barriers with dispatch or surrounding agencies.

The second grant awarded was for the Medical Rescue Supplies project. This project was needed to help address “fine tuning needed for some of the calls” that the department goes on, said Quigley. The additional medical supplies needed included shears and razors to go with the Automate External Defibrillator or AED. Along with those supplies, tourniquets were purchased so each officer has one to carry on their person as well as one in each med bag in the patrol cars.

Quigley wanted to “thank those who have donated to the TACF. It is through your generosity that our agency has acquired extra tools and technology to provide the best service we can.”

The grants that the department received have already been put to use and are sure to be used in the near future.

The TACF helps organizations who make Tea a better place to live and they, too, are helping to improve the community. This is the 16th year that the foundation has awarded grants through its endowment fund to support projects and purchases that benefit and enhance the quality of life for Tea area residents.

To make a donation to the Tea Area Community Foundation visit


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