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Tea Volunteer Fire Department celebrates outstanding members

The Tea Volunteer Fire Department (TVFD) recently honored its dedicated members during their annual Christmas party held January 6. 

One of the highlights of the evening was the prestigious recognition of Jaime Bartell as the “Firefighter of the Year” for 2023. With an impressive 19-year tenure as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Jaime has been a pivotal member of the TVFD for the past four years. Her role as EMT Officer showcases her commitment, as she not only provides crucial medical assistance but also contributes as an instructor, guiding and leading classes whenever needed.

James Madsen, who officially joined the Tea Fire Department in July 2022, earned the well-deserved title of “Rookie Firefighter of the Year.” With nine years of experience as a Certified Firefighter, James has proven himself as a valuable asset. Not only does he hold the position of State Certified Fire Instructor, but he also serves as a Type 2 Wildland Fire Fighter. Additionally, James has taken on the role of President of the TVFD. 

The celebration extended to recognizing the collective experience of the TVFD’s Emergency Medical Technicians, totaling an impressive 172 years of service. 

Among those acknowledged for their dedicated service were Kelly Keehn (9 years), Jaime Bartell (19 years), Thomas Miller (just over 6 months), Brian Baker (25 years), Scott Rielanb (15 years), Mike Bartell (20 years), Brian Schmidt (18 years), Chad Baker (22 years), Lynn DeYoung (28 years), Tanner Venard (9 years), and Erin Boggs (6 years).

The leadership team of the Tea Volunteer Fire Department was also acknowledged, with Steve Oberle serving as Fire Chief, Bob Venard as First Assistant, and Kelly Keehn as Second Assistant. Captains include Aaron Musterd, Tanner Vernard, Mike Bartell, and Nick Rasmus, and Jacob Stratmeyer, who also serve as operations officers. James Madsen assumed the position of President, Jaime Bartell as EMS Coordinator, Nick Rasmus as Treasurer, and Isaiah Hackrott as PR Officer.

Everyone was thanked who takes time of their day to put in dedication for the TVFD. 


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