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Tea welcomes Kimberly Gass as new community and high school librarian

The Tea community welcomes Kimberly Gass as the new Community and High School Librarian. Gass, originally hailing from Wisconsin, brings with her a deep-rooted passion for education and community engagement.

“I love everything about the dairy state, including the Badgers, Brewers, and Packers,” Gass shared. A graduate of UW Madison with a degree in elementary education, Gass’ journey has been diverse and enriching. 

After dedicating time to raising her children, she became a substitute teacher in Tea and ventured into real estate.

“I stayed home with the kids when they were little and once they were all in school, I was a substitute teacher in Tea, as well as a realtor.  I love being in the school systems, encouraging the kids in life, as well as to read more and take in as much knowledge as they can,” said Gass. 

Gass has four kids. Noah is a senior at SDSU majoring in architecture, Jenna is heading to SDSU in the fall to begin her freshman year studying nursing, Natalie will be in 11th grade, and Kinsley will be in ninth grade, both at Tea Area High School.

The dual role of Community and High School Librarian is a perfect fit for Gass. 

“It allows me to build relationships with kids of all ages,” she explained. Gass is enthusiastic about making the library a cornerstone of the community. “My vision for the library is to make its presence more known and utilized. It’s such a great place with so many fun books to explore.”

Gass has big plans for the library, aiming to create a vibrant hub for all ages.

“I hope to set up more activities to build community in the library and in Tea and bring people in the doors,” added Gass. “I hope to reach people of all ages, from story time for the little ones, to book clubs for the teens, as well as book clubs for adults or game/craft times for seniors.  I want the library to be a place for everyone to come!  I want all to feel welcome and included always.”

The Tea Community Library is located on the Northwest side of the Middle School/High School (500 W Brian Street). It is a full-service library/media center. 

The library features over 16,000 tittles available for checkout including Children’s, Young Adults, Fiction, and Non-Fiction titles.

For more information call the library at (605) 498-0281.


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