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The man behind the business — local window washer also runs marathons

Local business owners are truly the hidden gems of our communities. Many of us see them working week in and week out without ever knowing much about them. We might see these business owners at the local grocery store with their families or even at school events without so much as a second thought about it. Yet do we really think about who they are outside of the jobs they perform for us or their companies that we hire to work for us?

One of those local business owners that many community members might know is Curt Reemtsma of Tea.

Reemtsma is the owner and sole employee of Reemtsma Window Washers. Reemtsma started his business in 2008. He and his wife built their home in Tea back in 1998. Reemtsma also has a daughter who attends the local school.

Reemtsma’s business provides window cleaning with a guarantee. If you are not satisfied, he will come back out and clean them again. He wants to make sure that all customers receive the best service possible. Reemtsma’s business continues to grow every year and is mainly doing so by word of mouth. His customers are his greatest form of advertisement he says. His current customers refer their friends and families to him for their window cleaning needs.

When Reemtsma is not busy with his own business, he enjoys running.

A little over five years ago Reemtsma rediscovered his love of running. He has set a goal to run a marathon in each of the 50 states. In May he ran his first in-person marathon in Brookings. Reemtsma currently has three other marathons booked in different states.

He said that his favorite place to run is “around this beautiful city that I’ve called home since 1998.”

He also enjoys waving at people while running who honk and wave back at him.

Along with the marathons in other states, Reemtsma said he will continue to run in local races, such as the recent Teapot Day’s Bacon 5k which supports Junior Achievement.

Reemtsma is just one example of the many business owners in our communities who truly love the place they call home. This article also goes to show that each business owner has more to their story than what happens from 9 to 5.


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