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Thirty-Two Tea Youth wrestlers qualify for State

Seventy Tea youth wrestlers participated in the Region 5 AAU wrestling tournament in Hartford on Saturday, March 9th. The Titans had fifty-one wrestlers place in the top six at the region tournament.  Thirty-two of those wrestlers punched their ticket to the SDWCA State Youth Wrestling Tournament to be held in Rapid City on March 15-17th.  

The top three wrestlers from each weight class in all age divisions advance to the State tournament except the Bantam division where the top four advance.  There were 618 wrestlers competing at the Region tournament from twenty-four different clubs. The Titans will also have two wrestlers join them in Rapid City to compete in the Juniors division: Parker Wilson and Tyler Woodring.  

Picture above are the state qualifiers and Juniors (Parker Wilson not pictured).

Below is a listing of all 32 wrestlers that fought their way into the state tournament (Name, Division, Weight, Place): 

Logan Reemtsma, Tots, 37, 1st

Wyatt Neugebauer, Tots, 40, 2nd

Rush Wilson, Tots, 40, 1st

Carter Reemtsma, Bantam, 44, 3rd

Dax Larson, Bantam, 47, 1st

Carter Hatch, Bantam, 57, 3rd

Connor Gassman, Bantam, 70, 2nd

Isaac Krier, Bantam, 83, 4th

Hank Bartels, Bantam, HWT, 2nd

Jack Hilleson, Midgets, 63, 1st

Nathaniel Halbur, Midgets, 77, 1st

Carver Mitchell, Midgets, 96, 1st

Miles Mayer, Midgets, 113, 1st

Brady Voelker, Novice, 87, 2nd

Aaron Halbur, Schoolboy, 95, 3rd

Henry Fortin, Schoolboy, 110, 1st

Slater Wilson, Schoolboy, 115, 1st

Kooper Dumdei, Schoolboy, 140, 3rd

Vance McIntyre, Schoolboy, HWT, 2nd

Kade Eimers, Cadets, 94, 1st

Jeremiah Wilgers, Cadets, 175, 1st

Mya Nelson, Girls Tots, 53, 1st

Elyse Mitchell, Girls Bantam, 47, 1st

Jaina Voelker, Girls Bantam, 61, 1st

Halle Levene, Girls Bantam, 70, 2nd

Paisley Muth, Girls Bantam, 70, 3rd

Saoirse Vuong, Girls Bantam, 55, 1st

Vada Smith, Girls Midgets, 77, 3rd

Ella Haines, Girls Midgets, 84, 1st

Aliyah Steveson, Girls Novice, 90, 1st

Emery Voelker, Girls Schoolgirl, 98, 1st

Lainey Haines, Girls Schoolgirl, 130, 1st


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