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Titans open season in Watertown

On Dec. 2 the Tea Area High School wrestling team opened their season at the 2023 Marv Sherrill Dual Tournament in Watertown.

The Titan boys’ earned a 63-15 win over Yankton, a 60-12 win over Milbank and suffered a 33-45 loss to Aberdeen Central and a 31-40 loss to Canby.

The following are the complete results:

Tea Area (63) vs. Yankton (15)

106 - Slater Wilson (Tea Area) over Damian Janish (Yankton) Fall 2:31; 113 - Henry Fortin (Tea Area) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 120 - Tyler Woodring (Tea Area) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 126 - Trevin Audiss (Tea Area) over Caden Janssen (Yankton) Fall 1:39; 132 - Braeden Dunkelberger (Tea Area) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 138 - Joelton Reimnitz-Hahn (Yankton) over Fennell Sworr (Tea Area) Fall 2:40; 144 - Parker Wilson (Tea Area) over Dylan Sloan (Yankton) Fall 5:58; 150 - Jackson Tschetter (Tea Area) over Bode Thurman (Yankton) Dec 12-5; 157 - Dawson Eimers (Tea Area) over Shayce Platt (Yankton) Fall 2:38; 165 - Chase Howe (Yankton) over Ryder Henriksen (Tea Area) Dec 8-2; 175 - Sam Werdel (Tea Area) over Jackson Slowey (Yankton) Fall 1:31; 190 - Keegan DeYoung (Tea Area) over Max Diedrichsen (Yankton) Fall 0:52; 215 - Chase DeBoer (Tea Area) over Peyton Eustace (Yankton) Fall 4:34; 285 - Edly Amaro (Yankton) over Jaeden Waltner (Tea Area) Fall 5:23

Tea Area (60) vs. Milbank (12)

120—Tyler Woodring (Tea Area) over Owen Fischer (Milbank) Fall 4:37; 126— Trevin Audiss (Tea Area) over Jacob Giles (Milbank) Fall 2:10; 132—Braeden Dunkelberger (Tea Area) over Jayce Jonason (Milbank) Fall 3:30; 138—Fennell Sworr (Tea Area) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 144—Parker Wilson (Tea Area) over Keaton Johnson (Milbank) Fall 3:36; 150—Jackson Tschetter (Tea Area) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 157—Joe French (Milbank) over Ryder Henriksen (Tea Area) Fall 1:04; 165—Dawson Eimers (Tea Area) over Reese Rabe (Milbank) Fall 1:41; 175—Sam Werdel (Tea Area) over Tate Schlueter (Milbank) Dec 9-2; 190—Keegan DeYoung (Tea Area) over Jesse Schneck (Milbank) Dec 8-4; 215—Chase DeBoer (Tea Area) over Hunter Reede (Milbank) Fall 5:13; 285—Jaeden Waltner (Tea Area) vs Landon Novy (Milbank)

Tea Area (31) vs. Aberdeen

Central (45)

106: Slater Wilson (TEAR) over Esten Foss (ABCE) (Dec 4-2) 113: Paxton Ewing (ABCE) over Henry Fortin (TEAR) (Dec 8-5) 120: Tyler Woodring (TEAR) over Will Allen (ABCE) (Fall 1:41) 126: Rayden Zens (ABCE) over Trevin Audiss (TEAR) (Fall 1:07) 132: Porter Lozenski (ABCE) over Braeden Dunkelberger (TEAR) (Fall 4:43) 138: Tate Huff (ABCE) over Fennell Sworr (TEAR) (Fall 1:24) 144: Ridley Waldo (ABCE) over Parker Wilson (TEAR) (Fall 1:52) 150: Jackson Tschetter (TEAR) over Grayden Timm (ABCE) (Fall 1:28) 157: Elias Biegler (ABCE) over Ryder Henriksen (TEAR) (Fall 0:51) 165: Dawson Eimers (TEAR) over Noah Kramer (ABCE) (Fall 1:22) 175: Sam Werdel (TEAR) over Cordell Rychlik (ABCE) (Fall 1:41) 190: Cole Dunlavy (ABCE) over Keegan DeYoung (TEAR) (Fall 1:48) 215: Chase DeBoer (TEAR) over Ayden Gisi (ABCE) (Fall 2:37) 285: Bryce Beitelspacher (ABCE) over Jaeden Waltner (TEAR) (Fall 0:07)

Results were unavailable Canby.

The Titans girls also competed in the Watertown Girls Tournament on Dec. 2.

Emery Voelker’s placed 3rd at 100 pounds. Her results are as follows: Round 1 - Emery Voelker (Tea Area) won by fall over Logan Schell (Watertown) (Fall 0:33); Round 2 - Emery Voelker (Tea Area) won by fall over Sep Gay (Huron) (Fall 0:15); Round 3 - Olivia Anderson (Watertown) won by fall over Emery Voelker (Tea Area) (Fall 0:42); Round 4 - Emery Voelker (Tea Area) won by fall over Reegan Cook (Tiospa Zina) (Fall 0:34); Round 5 - Vanessa Anderson (Watertown) won by fall over Emery Voelker (Tea Area) (Fall 2:29)

At 120 pounds, Lainey Haines placed 3rd: Round 1 - Hayden Thomas (Watertown) won by fall over Lainey Haines (Tea Area) (Fall 1:23); Round 2 - Jocelyn Rumpca (Webster Area) won by decision over Lainey Haines (Tea Area) (Dec 9-5).

At 185 pounds, Brianna Johnson placed second with the following results: Round 1 - Brianna Johnson (Tea Area) won by fall over Paola Fernandez (Huron) (Fall 0:13); Round 2 - Brianna Johnson (Tea Area) won by fall over Taylor DeJong (Mitchell) (Fall 3:36); Round 4 - Allison Konrad (Watertown) won by fall over Brianna Johnson (Tea Area) (Fall 1:33); Round 5 - Brianna Johnson (Tea Area) won by fall over Kyra Tostenson (Milbank) (Fall 0:26).

The Titans were scheduled to compete at O’Gorman on Dec. 5 and will be at Rapid City this weekend, Friday, Dec. 8 and Saturday, Dec. 9. They will be at Dell Rapids on Tuesday, Dec. 12 and in Madison on Saturday, Dec. 16.


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