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Young, local artist ready to share his talent

Looking for our passions in life can often take many years to find. Once found those passions can range from helping others to sports or even art. For one local teen art is just this — his passion. Zack Norris of Tea, S.D. is currently pursuing his passion of art.

Zack most recently posted examples of his work on a local Facebook page which has gotten him some added attention. The local artist is looking for commissioned pieces in which he can work with clients to create a piece of art just for them.

During the process Norris starts by getting a general idea of what the client would like. Next Norris will throw together some concepts that he can work off or and he will send it to the client for them to make any corrections. The client can make any revisions they would like during this stage of the process. Once both parties have agreed, and all the details are worked out, then Norris can move on to actually creating the piece. During his time creating the piece he will send updated photos to the client.

When asked what the best part of creating art for others was Norris replied, “The thing I love the most about the whole process is that it’s so cool to think someone sees my art and wants me to make art for them.”

When Norris first started, he was very unsure that anyone would want to buy art from him. That is until he had a local business reach out to him when he lived in Missouri to create a logo for them.

While Norris loves to create and enjoys creating for others no task is perfect and it will have its challenges.

“The most challenging part for me is finding a finish on my art,” said Norris.

He is his biggest critic and struggles to find a finishing point on his art projects. He believes there is always room for improvement.

When Norris is not working on commissioned pieces he likes to have fun trying to solve a Rubik’s cube, play games on his computer and go to school.

If anyone is interested in having a piece created by Norris, you can contact him through Facebook by searching for his name. Message him and he will then contact you to start the process of creating a custom piece just for you.


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