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Smokin' eatery coming to Tea

Creamy macaroni and cheese, and pots of it; mouth-watering pulled pork and brisket, and lots of it; soon, some of the area’s most delectable smoked and homemade sandwiches and sides will be yours for the ordering when Squealers Smoke Shack opens its doors in Tea.

The family-owned food truck, an annual staple of Teapot Days, is expanding its mobile kitchen into an eatery at 750 E. First St. The restaurant opens 7 days a week in early July.

It originated as a father-and-son hobby.

“We love barbecuing, smoking meat and cooking for friends and family,” said Lowell Kuipers. “We’re counting on the restaurant to do well. A lot will be the catering and carry-out, and if the restaurant takes off, that’s a plus.”

Squealers Smoke Shack serves 100 percent smoked meats and homemade sides from family recipes, including macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and baked beans with pulled pork.

For the restaurant, the Kuipers are beefing up the menu with wraps, appetizers, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, smoked pineapple and more.

“We’re doing simple additions to pulled pork and brisket that will top it off and make it amazing,” said Andrea Kuipers.

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