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Parkside Dental expands in more ways than one

Parkside Dental located on Main Avenue in Tea was founded by Dr. Melissa Brander-Otten in 2010 and has recently added a new dentist to their clinic. Their new dentist is Dr. Alex Broesder.

Dr. Broesder and his wife Kiley are both originally from Canton, where they graduated high school. Dr. Broesder then attended South Dakota State University for his undergraduate studies and graduated from Marquette School of Dentistry in 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When patients go to the clinic to see Dr. Broesder they can expect to be made feel comfortable.

Dr. Broesder said, “I know that dentistry can be pretty hard to come into.”

Dr. Broesder and his staff do their best to make each patient’s experience as comfortable as possible. This is different for everyone and they make sure to take their time to give each patient the time they need.

Along with feeling comfortable, they are making sure patients are receiving the most up to date technology as well. Dr. Broesder was excited to share that Parkside Dental is able to offer its patients cutting edge equipment and supplies.

When not at the clinic, Dr. Broesder enjoys spending his free time traveling, kayaking, bicycling and spending time with his family and his wife, and their Siberian husky named Tesla.

Besides adding a new dentist and striving to offer their patients comfortable care, Parkside Dental is also going to be expanding their facilities in the next few months. They are fortunate to be able to almost double the size of their clinic.

Dr. Broesder said that this will allow Parkside Dental to see more patients and keep the wait list for appointments short. Both dentists want to be able to see patients quickly and not have them wait weeks to be seen.

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